Jack Batchelor Jr., Mayor, City of Dixon

I have known Mr. Heckey for 7 years, in his past capacity as the City of Dixon Economic Development Director.


Mr. Heckey has direct managerial experiences in many aspects of business recruitment, business services, marketing, public relations, relationship management, grant writing and administration, networking, and event coordination.


At the City of Dixon, Mr. Heckey was responsible for all public relations and marketing of the City of Dixon brand and identity. He created a website presence, developed marketing brochures, designed a trade show exhibit booth, networked at professional business development events, and prepared recruitment packages for companies interested in Dixon locations. He compiled an inventory of current commercial real estate land and buildings and created property profiles for attraction of new business.


Mark was a valuable contributor to our city.


Jack Batchelor, Jr. 


City of Dixon




Charles Eason, Director, California Small Business Development Center

Mark and I have worked on numerous projects together over the years.  This has included projects such as assisting several technology spinoff companies out of UC Davis in securing Community Development Block Grant (CBDG) loans, conducting a retail profitability tactics training program for retailers, a microenterprise assistance program, and planning efforts to bring an energy efficiency related incubator to Dixon.


On a personal note, Mark has the ability to work well with people and as part of a team.  He is well liked and respected by his colleagues.


Charles Eason


California Small Business Development Center




Sandy Person, President, Solano EDC

The Solano EDC is a unique public/private membership organization, representing every city in Solano County, the County itself in the attraction of businesses, creation of jobs, and working on key issues which impact our local business and economy.


During his tenure at the City of Dixon, Mr. Heckey was a key player in our Economic Development Task Force. He proved himself to be an astute professional and a strong team player in our ongoing activities to retain and attract new businesses to Solano County.


I also worked personally with Mr. Heckey on numerous economic development projects in the City of Dixon. He was truly a visionary in the area of green and clean technology development, brining some major green-energy companies to his city. In the region he served on various green business committees and conferences, and was recognized when his city was honored by the International Solar Association.

Finally, Mr. Heckey is extremely good at working on multiple projects at the same time – another essential ingredient for a successful business development professional.


Sandy Person


Solano EDC



Charles Rieger, Executive Director, Solano Center for Business Innovation

I have known and worked with Mr. Heckey for the past two years:

  • First, in the development and implementation of the Solano Center for Business Innovation in which he was a prime collaborator in developing the concepts and ideas of a private non-profit which would specifically focus on the micro-enterprises across the county. 
  • Second, in the implementation of the Energy Upgrade California in the City of Dixon, by helping to engage the Mayor, city staff and the public in educational opportunities, and
  • Most recently, in the execution of a preliminary feasibility study for the development of a Clean Tech Incubator, using CDBG funding.

In each initiative Mr. Heckey displayed a very high level of understanding and professionalism, aggressively representing the business community of Dixon as well as the economic opportunities for Dixon, and worked seamlessly between elected officials, City staff and members of the business community. 


Charles Rieger

Executive Director

Solanor Center for Business Innovation


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